Rowing at Queen’s: 1962-1968 by Stevie Smith

Rowing at Queen's: 1962-1968 by Stevie Smith 1961-62 I have just read Dusty Anderson’s account of the 1961/62 season and found it very interesting to compare his ‘bird’s eye view’ with my ‘worm’s eye view’. At that stage, Dusty was an experienced oarsman and respected coach who was able to take an objective overview of [...]

Rowing at Queen’s: 1864-1937 by D.B. McNeill

Unfinished Odyssey Rowing began at Queen’s on 6th May 1864, when T. G. Houston, Matthew Leitch, S. J. McMullan, W. H. Dodd and several other students, who intended to stay in Belfast during the long vacation, founded the Queen’s College Rowing Club. Houston was appointed as secretary and Leitch treasurer [1]. It was decided to [...]