Recruitment 2008

The recent Fresher’s Bazaar, held on Wednesday 1st October in the students union, proved a great success. The club attracted a lot of attention at the main entrance, and the union was a hive of activity all day long.

The men’s club were successful in recruiting 101 new rowers on the day, through a host of erg challenges and head hunting. Hopefully this should continue the strong competition amongst the novices and provide us with some strong rowers.

The freshers this year have joined at an exciting time, as Queen’s rowing have appointed Mark Fangen-Hall as the new head coach. Mark brings great experience with him, having previously coached at Cambridge University Boat Club and studied Sports Psychology. This will enforce an already strong coaching team and perhaps increase the standard of rowing seen at Queen’s in the near future.

Many thanks must be paid to all members who have participated in recruitment over the last few weeks. Keep up the good work.                                                          

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