Men’s Dinner 2008

The Men’s dinner was a markedly different affair this year in contrast to recent years. The dinner was noticeably more sober than last year, perhaps due to the 100 minute erg that loomed over the seniors’ heads the next morning. However, the freshers and alumni provided us with some ‘entertainment’ at the after party in BRC. Tom James delivered a gripping speech on his Olympic journey and gave insight into what went on behind the scenes. This was very interesting and brought to light the fact our Olympic icons are human after all, enduring the same nervous emotions that most of us experience pre- race. It certainly projected one back to regatta seasons past.

This year’s novice of the year was Karen Flanagan (fresher coxswain), who has shown great potential throughout the last few months since joining the club, which was recognized by the coaching team. Congratulations to Karen who is the first coxswain to have ever won the award. The recent ‘Tub Champs’ victors, Sean McCreesh, Declan Gollogly and Clare McCartney (absent due to boyfriend duties), were presented with the cup, which was filled with nasty concoction in line with tradition. The auction proved successful in raising some funds for the club, with prizes including a signed London Harlequins shirt, weekend retreats, paintings and the biggest sale of the night, naming the Janousek pair which was won by the highest bidder, Enda Marron.

The evening was a memorable one, with Tom James staying overnight to provide the seniors with some coaching the next morning. Thanks must be paid to all those involved in organizing the event, all who attended, those who bid and especially Tom James. Hopefully you enjoyed the event, as did I, and look forward to next year’s dinner. 

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