Lagan Head 2009 – Results

Queen’s had a very successful Valentine’s weekend on the Lagan with wins in every category entered.

Race 1
QUBBC entered two N4+ with the crew coxed by Flanagan getting the fastest N4+ time.  QUBLBC enter one WN4+ coxed by Morrison, again getting the fastest WN4+ time.

Race 2
QUBBC S8 (Tubman) got the overall fastest time with the I8 (McCartney) just over 40 seconds behind in second place.  The N8 (Flanagan) were just over one minute behind them.
QUBLBC WI8 (Assarpour) got the fastest time in their category but narrowly miss out on the fastest overall womens time.  The WN8 (Thompson) got the fastest WN8 time.

Results from race 1 –
Results from race 2 –                                                          

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