Lady Victoria Henley Picnic 2010

This year’s Henley Picnic will take place on Friday 2 July in Henley Cricket Club (Google Maps). The event is open to all friends and members of Lady Victoria Boat Club. 

£20 minimum donation is required to attend the event. This entitles you to free drink and food from the buffet and all proceeds go to Queen’s Rowing. 

Its as a cheap a meal as you’ll get but with the added benefit of supporting Queen’s oarsmen and women, whilst catching up with old friends.

The picnic is from 1pm onwards but may be rescheduled should Queen’s be racing at an earlier time on Friday. 

**Please check back on the website at approximately 9 p.m. on Thursday 1 July for a finalised starting time**


Henley Cricket Club (Google Maps)


1 p.m onwards (to be confirmed)


£20 minimum donation (all proceeds to Queens Rowing)

Henley Royal Regatta in the 1880s. 

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