Queen’s & eFlow ‘GoRow’ Grand League Regatta

Queen’s Regatta.

As it was at Uni Champs, in Inniscara, conditions in Castlewellen began perfectly. However, by the start of the finals for the morning races clouds had enclosed overhead and the wind had picked up, creating very difficult conditions at the start line.

Summary of results:


Senior 8+   1st
Senior 2x-  1st
Senior 4x-  1st
Senior 4+   1st
Senior 4-   2nd
Senior 1x   1st (C. Williamson), & 1st-Bfinal (M. McKibbin)
Senior 2-   3rd Afinal, & 1st – Bfinal
Novice 8+  1st Afinal, & 2nd – Bfinal
Novice 4+  1st & 4th


Senior 4-   1st
Inter 4+     2nd
Novice 4+   1st
Novice 8+   1st
Novice 1x    1st (S. Richards)

All final results and times can be found at:


Queen’s Mens team


QUBBC in Castlewellen

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