Marlow Regatta 2012 & Women’s Henley Royal Regatta 2012 – Results

As it has been all year, the conditions in England where very difficult with strong cross headwinds. The girls started the racing on Friday in Henley. With a strong headwind and even stronger flow the novice girls 8+ started their time trial. They finished 9th in the time trial, expecting the top 16 to progress. However with an unexpected adjustment this was changed to top 8. Therefore the girls just missed out. The senior girls 4+ raced next and comfortably progressed through their round into the semi finals on sunday with an 8 length lead.

In Marlow the senior men where racing in the Elite and senior category. They finished 4th in the elite final. In the extremely competitive senior event they progressed through their heat 1/2 a length behind Durham. In the final they finished sixth, losing 5th place to Eton college on the surge of the boat. Despite the cancellation of the novice men’s main event due to the weather, the crew where still able to compete on the Olympic course in the highly competitive intermediate II event. After staying with the pack for the full race they finished 6th in there heat.


Senior men at the start.

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