Queens vs Trinity in place of Lagan Head

Unfortunately due to weather conditions the annual Lagan Head of the River was cancelled. In order to salvage some racing Trinity agreed to come up to Belfast and have it out with Queen’s crews.

The crews raced 2x 2000m and combined the times to get an overall score.Conditions were rough with crews from both sides rowing well with  DUBC Inter 8 winning fastest time overall followed closely by QUBBC Senior 4X. The novice men and ladies both rowed strong winning their races! QUBLBC Inter 8 won their race against the DULBC Inter 8 but the DULBC Senior 8 setting the fastest time for the ladies.


  1. It would have been helpful to have had a full listing of the crews, mens and ladies, as this is not clear in the report, eg, it is not clear if there were or were not Senior V111s. How many actual races were there, etc.

  2. Not the most impressive or informative report I have received from QUBBC.
    Graham Leckey

    1. I take from the “short” report that there is no Senior VIII again this year!
      As one of a number of ex QUBBC members residing abroad it us difficult to figure out the actual status at the club. As one who travels to HRR each year I have found it next to impossible to know what the men’s crew(s) are up to. Last year is an excellent example.
      A little more information and a little less “good news” would be appreciated.
      Arthur Lees
      1956 thru 1960

      1. Arthur lees returned.
        I neglected to say that the ladies section of the club should be heartily congratulated on their recent performance. I have had the pleasure of seeing them at Ladies Henley and talk to a number. Excellent people as well as representing Queens in the best possible manner
        Arthur Lees

      2. Thank you for the comment Arthur. When you say you’d like more information on the men’s and woman’s crews what exactly do you mean. Would you like to know the line-ups, test scores, performance at trialling events etc. I’m new to this and would like to produce more informative and appealing posts in the future using this type of feedback.

  3. Jason,
    Thanks for your timely response.
    First I refer you to Eric’s reply. This is the type of input I was thinking would be helpful.
    Expanding on that theme I refer you to the site posting on the 2013 Euro University Championships. From the QUBBC website we know that a IV went. But nothing about results. If one searches, (quite a bit), it turns out Queens won the B Final and either came in 7th out of10 overall, or somewhat better if times are compared, which is more questionable way of rating performance.
    Another example is last years senior VIII plans. It was not until I got to NI from Vancouver in June that I discovered that the plan was to not go to Henley, but to stay at home to concentrate on the Irish Championships. Only to find out when I got to Henley that the Senior VIII had gone to Holland, I think, for reasons that are at a minimum confusing. But no results of that adventure were posted.
    So I refer you back to Eric’s posting. What would good is a bit more information on what crews rowed, who the competitors were and a listing of the significant results. What crews are rowing would also be good to know.
    In closing I sincerely recognize the effort that must be put in to do this and I appreciate your doing it. Not always a thankful job!
    So keep up the good work. By the way, do Queen’s have a men’s Senior VIII this year?
    Regards to all.
    Arthur Lees

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