Irish University Championships & Skibbereen Regatta – Arrival

This weekend Queen’s Rowing embark on a journey down to Cork and the National Rowing Centre to take part in the first regatta of the season.

Both men and women have made huge entries over the 2 days of racing.
An update will follow regarding the ladies when they get me the full information for their crews.

This is only one of 2 fully packed trailers



University Championships – Friday

Senior 4x- Christopher Beck, Tiernan Oliver, Adam Boreham, James McKelvey
Inter 8+ Christopher Beck, Luke McCann, Tiernan Oliver, Adam Boreham, Jason Armstrong, Liam Moran, Mark McMullan, Ben Evans, Carol Moorehead (cox)
Inter 1x Ben Evans, James McKelvey
Club 1 8x (Same as Inter 8)
Club 1 4+ Jason Armstrong, Luke McCann, Mark McMullan, Liam Moran, Carol Moorehead (cox)
Novice 8+ Joel Kelly, Lloyd White, Philip Doyle, John Vincent, Oliver Graham, Brian Murray, Gareth Herron, Philip Patton,  Peter Ramsey (cox)
Jordan Allen, Jonaah Boyd, Ryan McCormack, Ross Williamson, Maciej Lisowski, Chris Rice, Ben Smith, James Duffin, Ruairi Leonard (cox)
Novice 4x+ Joel Kelly, Lloyd White, Philip Doyle, Philip Patton, Peter Ramsey (cox)

Skibereen – Saturday

Lightweight 1x Luke McCann, Ben Evans, Christopher Beck
Club 1 1x Jason Armstrong, Adam Boreham, Tiernan Oliver, Liam Moran
Inter 4x- (same as senior 4x-)
Club 1 4x- (Same as Uni Champs)
Club 2 2x Mark McMullan + Ben Evans, Lloyd White + Gareth Herron, Philip Doyle + John Vincent, Joel Kelly + Philip Patton


Club 1 8+
Novice 8+
Club 1 4x-
Club 2 2x
Club 1 1x
Club 1 4+
Novice 4+

Crew lists and which days these boats are entered in to follow when information reaches me.

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  1. Will there be a Queens Regatta this year and will a mens eight be entered for Henley?

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