BUCS Regatta 2014 – Results

Queen’s Rowing had a very successful weekend at BUCS Regatta 2014 taking home medals in 7 different categories.

Conditions were probably the best that we will see for the next number of years with flat calm conditions on Day 1, very slight headwind on Day 2 and a moderate crosswind on Day 3. Throughout the competition there was sunshine all through the day.

Below will be a summary of each clubs efforts over the weekend.


Men’s Beginners VIII+ QUB A
Cox- Peter Ramsey, Joel Kelly, Lloyd White, Phil Patton, Phil Doyle, Oliver Graham, John Vincent, Jonny Erskine and Gareth Herron
2nd in Time Trial
Semi Final A – 1st
Final A – 1st Gold Medal


Men’s Beginners VIII+ QUB B
Cox – Ruairi Leonard, Jordan Allen, Ross Williamson, Ryan McCormick, Chris Rice, Adam Gallagher, Ben Smith, Josh Sets and Jonaah Gordon-Boyd
18th in Time Trial
Final C – 5th

Men’s Beginners IV+ QUB A
Cox – Peter Ramsey, Joel Kelly, Phil Doyle, Oliver Graham and Lloyd White
2nd in Time Trial
Semi Final A – 1st
Final A – 1st Gold Medal


Men’s Beginners IV+ QUB B
Cox- Ruairi Leonard, Jordy Allen, Ross Williamson, Ryan McCormick and Jonaah Gordon-Boyd
17th in Time Trial
Final C – 3rd

Men’s Intermediate Lightweight 1x
Time Trial
Christopher Beck – 1st
James McKelvey – 3rd
Jason Armstrong – 18th
Luke McCann – 6th
Liam Moran – 22nd
Ben Evans – 21st
Mark McMullan – 12th
Semi Final A
James McKelvey – 1st
Luke McCann – 3rd
Semi Final B
Chris Beck – 1st
Mark McMullan – 6th
Final A
Chris Beck – 1st Gold Medal
James McKelvey – 4th
Luke McCann – 6th
Final B
Mark McMullan – 6th
Final C
Jason Armstrong – 1st
Final D
Liam Moran – 1st
Ben Evans – 4th


Men’s Intermediate 1x
Tiernan Oliver
2nd in Time Trial
Semi Final – 1st
Final A – 4th

Men’s Championship Lightweight 2x QUB A
Chris Beck and James McKelvey
3rd in Time Trial
Semi Final A – 1st
Final A – 3rd

Men’s Championship Lightweight 2x QUB B
Jason Armstrong and Luke McCann
11th in Time Trial
Semi Final A – 6th

Men’s Intermediate 2x
Tiernan Oliver and Gareth McKillen
1st in Time Trial
Semi Final B – 1st
Final A – 2nd


Men’s Championship Lightweight 4x
Jason Armstrong, Luke McCann, Liam Moran and Mark McMullan
5th in Time Trial
Final A – 5th

Men’s Intermediate 4x
Chris Beck, Adam Boreham, Tiernan Oliver, Gareth McKillen
1st in Time Trial
Semi final A – 1st
Final A – 1st



Women’s Intermediate 2- QUB A
Dineka Maguire and  Ruth Taylor
7th in Time Trial
Semi Final A – 3rd
Final A – 6th

Women’s Intermediate 2- QUB A
Rachel Brown and Jane Cunningham
17th in Time Trial
Final C – 5th

Women’s Intermediate 4x-
Ellie Holmes, Roisin Maguire, Emma McKee and Alicia Green
10th in Time Trial
Semi Final A – 5th
Final B – 3rd

Women’s Beginner 1x
Jennifer Whittaker
12th in Time trial
Semi Final B – 6th
B final – 5th

Women’ Intermediate 8+
Cox – Catherine Campbell, Niamh Menary, Jane Cuuningham, Rachel Brown, Emma McKee, Dineka Maguire, Ruth Taylor, Rebecca Edwards, Rebecca Mackey
8th in Time trial
Semi Final B – 5th
Final B – 1st

Women’s Champioship Lightweight 1x
Mary-Beth Toner
9th in Time Trial
Semi Final A – 5th

Women’s Beginner 4+ QUB A
Cox – Carol Moorehead, Molly Kerr, Stephanie McIvor, Lana Mullen and Niamh Cassidy
12th Time Trial
Semi-Final B – 5th
Final B– 4th

Women’s Beginner 4+QUB B
Cox – Alice Murdoch, Carrie Kelly, Brooke Burnside, Rosanna McBrien and Samantha Fisher
22th Time Trial
Semi-Final B – 5th
Final D – 6th

Women’s Intermediate 2x
Rebecca Edwards and Rebecca Mackey
2nd in Time Trial
Semi-Final A – 1st
Final A– 3rd Bronze Medal

Rebecca Mackey and Edwards with their Bronze Medal
Mackey and Edwards

Women’s Championship Lightweight 4x-
Mary-Beth Toner, Alice McPherson, LJ Watson and Jane Cunningham
8th in Time Trial
Semi-Final B – 4th

Women’s Beginner 8+ QUB A
Cox – Carol Moorehead, Samantha Fisher, Alice Foynes, Niamh Cassidy, Rosanna McBrien, Stephanie McIvor, Carrie Kelly, Lois Kelso and Lana Mullen
12th in Time trial
Semi Final B – 2nd
Final A – 4th

Women’s Beginner 8+ QUB B
Cox: Alice Murdoch, Cathy Hinds, Stacey McGaughy, Caroline McCammon, Jo Willis, Victorial Coulter, Brooke Burnside, Molly Kerr and Chelsea Goodwin
33rd in Time trial
Final F – 3rd

Women’s Intermediate 4+
Cox – Catherine Campbell, Dineka Maguire, Roisin Maguire, Emma McKee and Ruth Taylor
13th in Time trial
Final C – 1st

Women’s Intermediate 4+
Cox – Carol Moorehead, Rachel Brown, Rachael Abbott, Ellie Holmes and Alicia Green
Time Trial – 28th
Final E – 2nd


In order to capture the spirit of the weekend the students got together for a group photo.




  1. Good update Jason! Nice pics and commentary. Congrats to the Men’s club on their successes, particularly to the Novice men, unreal effort, not just for the wins but also for their collective perserverance for having two Novice Eights compete at this year’s BUCs. Keep her going.

    1. I am delighted to see the men’s novice crews doing so well but fearful that the current coaching set up seems incapable of bringing these keen athletes to senior squad level in following years. The intermediate 4X results again well done to the athletes who did what was required, however the decision to withdraw the exact same crew from the Championship 4X is questionable. On the basis of their 5/6 length winning time ,they would have been 4th which means in a real race they could have had a Championship medal and HRR qualification. So pack your bags for the Friday qualifiers at least we know they are on the pace.

      1. Can you expand on your commend about being fearful the coaching set up being incapable of bringing our novices up to a senior level. Are there any improvements or changes you would implement if in the position to due so?

      2. Exceptional results Qubbc

        I am so proud of hour Brilliant team results. That coach of yours is quite a coach. It has been a long time since we raced at Nottingham in our 4 with Gap Kennedy and the crew.

        I encourage you to prep for the real season coming into HRR , just like do in our US IRA’s

        Kudos from the USA

        Mike Green 1969 – 1974

  2. Excellent report Jason.
    Hopefully the Intermediates and Beginners continue on and upwards and we end up with a competitive Senior VIII.
    To add to your burden! When it comes to the Irish regattas It would be very helpful if the immediate competitors to Queen’s in their finals could be noted. BUCS does a good job in reporting results in this regard. The IARU not so good.
    Thanks Again

    1. I’ll be sure to give daily reports on all races and the main competition to the Queens crews in each race. I’ll also give times if possible. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. Great report, thank you Jason. Well done to all Queen’s rowers, male and female. You fully deserve these great results. Pamela Cunningham

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