BUCS Regatta 2013 – Results Day 3

Monday’s Results:


Women’s Beginner Eights:
QUBLBC WB8+ ‘B’ Crew: A Final, 2nd Place 07:46.3
QUBLBC WB8+ ‘A’ Crew: C Final, 5th Place 08:22.0

Women’s Intermediate Coxed Fours:
QUBLBC WInt4+ ‘B’ Crew: A Final, 6th Place 08:45.1


Men’s Championship Lightweight Double Sculls:
QUBBC MCLtw 2x ‘B’ Crew (Cook/McMullan): B Final, 3rd Place 07:44.1
QUBBC MCLtw 2x ‘A’ Crew (McCann/McKelvey): Semi-Final 2, 4th Place 07:48.9 (Did not compete in final due to subsequent injury)

Men’s Championship Lightweight Pairs:
QUBBC MCLtw 2- (Beck/Evans): A Final, 2nd Place 07:31.1

Men’s Intermediate Pairs:
QUBBC MInt 2- ‘A’ Crew (Oliver/Little): A Final, 4th Place 07:38.8
QUBBC MInt 2- ‘B’ Crew (McKibbin/Cunningham): A Final, 5th Place 07:46.6

Men’s Championship Pairs:
QUBBC MC2- (Coughlan/Gillanders): A Final, 6th Place 07:41.9

Huge congratulations to the QUBBC Men’s Lightweight Pair finishing 2nd place in their A final and the QUBLBC Women’s Beginner Eight ‘B’ Crew for finishing 2nd place in their A Final! Amazing efforts Ladies and Gents!

Once again solid efforts all around and some fantastic results- Well Done Queen’s!


  1. Fail to see how the worst set of results since the creation of the ‘high performance’ academy is ‘fantastic’ and ‘solid’, if anything this is extremely disappointing. Is there any reason for this? I’m sure no reasons will be given and the only solution will be more money required to fund the athletes. Rowers at queens have more support and opportunities to do well than ever before, but yet are performing at a below par intermediate crew level. Time for the positive spin to stop and people to take a look at themselves and get real, the club is clearly not going in the right direction and seem to be further than ever away from winning the Big Pot.

    1. Concerned Lady Vic Member, just to clarify my comments on the results, I wasn’t referring to all of the results on Monday being ‘Fantastic’ but specifically the results of the Men’s Lightweight Pair and the Women’s Beginner Eight coming second in their A finals. I would still consider the use of the term ‘solid’ as a good description for the efforts of the crews who reached the A finals of their races and missed out on pedestal positions by small margins.

      1. Second is just the first loser. Dress it up all you want but at the end of the day the club came away with no wins.

  2. Great to see Queens right up there, keep up the training lads

    ‘Concerned Lady Vic Member’ as you call yourself, perhaps you should pro-activley do something with your concerns rather than knocking the lads who train day in day out and most likely have enjoyed more success than you ever did. When young guys come into Queens they are transforming into Men, for some this transition is faster than others. For instance that Newcastle crew that won champ 8s was littered with Henley winners, u23 medalists. Perhaps you could focus your concerned efforts on attracting the top juniors in the country to Queens.

    1. My post wasn’t really the ‘in my day’ argument you are making it out to be SmartTalk. Queens weren’t ‘right up there’ as far as I’m concerned. The novices obviously deserve credit, but they aren’t the ones on the receiving end of the professional coach and sports science that the club should be benefiting from. What’s new about a crew with Henley winners and u23 medalists winning BUCS? What about the other 3 crews that finished ahead of Queens, it’s not as if they were pipped for the gold, they were 26 seconds off the pace and going by times would have placed 5th in the Inter final also.

      I feel my concerns are valid, why would I encourage a junior to join a program that isn’t producing results? How would that benefit them or the club? The people are there, I believe there was close to 30 rowers in September, recruitment isn’t an issue, I see it as a management issue. If the ‘lads’ are training ‘day in day out’ why are the results so poor? Surely you can’t deny these results are disappointing?

  3. I would ask all current Queens rowers not to reply on this forum. ‘Concerned Lady Vic Member’ I am more than happy to meet you in person and discuss your concerns. My email address is cunningham_charles1989@hotmail.com As someone who has rowed at Queens for 5 years and having won five Gold medals at BUCS in the last four years I feel well placed to discuss the current goings on at the club aswell as our performance at this years event.

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