Homes International Regatta 2017 – Update

A big congratulations to Michael McNamee, Vikki Wallace and Emily Jordan who have been selected to represent Ireland at the 2017 Home International Regatta in Strathclyde on 22nd July. 
Michael will be competing in the Lwt2x, and Vikki and Emily will race the 4+. These athletes have been training under Trevor Mcknight since he began his role as Development Officer at the club, and their selection is further proof of his diligence. In recognition of his hard work, he has been asked by the selectors to be the senior men’s sculling coach in preparation for the regatta. 
We wish our athletes, coach and the rest of the Ireland team the best of luck in the regatta.

Yours in rowing,

Abbie Ellis-Saunders and Lucy Burrows

 Queen's Rowing at the Home International Regatta 2017. Michael McNamee

 Queen's Rowing at the Homes International Regatta 2017. Vikki Wallace and Emily Jordan. QUBLBC 2-